Sunday, October 13, 2013

Who am I

Who am I?

            So before we get too far into this I figure it would be good to talk abit about who I am. Give new people a chance to get to know me some.

            I started gaming back in 96. I think it was either my junior or senior year of high school. First game I ever played was Rifts. Man that was a fun game. I mean there are a lot of problems with the way Rifts is written and the overall game mechanics but there is no deny that the setting material is pretty fun. We also attempted a bit of Shadowrun but didn’t get as far with that as we did our Rifts game.

            In college I continued playing Rifts, but was introduced to the World of Darkness via online role playing sites. Started out with Vampire and then feel in love with Mage. I ended up playing everything White Wolf produced at the time but Mage remained by far my favorite game of the line. Though Kindred of the East and Demon the Fallen (which was a horribly broken game) turned out to be good second place games in my heart. Along the way I moved into playing Legend of the Five Rings, both the CCG and the RPG.

            My friends describe my gaming taste to be somewhat eclectic. I’ve played Spycraft and Mutants and Masterminds. I love Star Wars (even the Saga Edition rules) and Stargate. I’ve read through small games like Qin and some of the majors like Pathfinder.  I just love gaming that much I suppose.

            Along the way I’ve dipped my toe into the gaming industry. I started playtesting for 3rd Edition DnD when they were doing the monthly Psionics updates. I then got a chance to move on to become deeply involved with Legend of the Five Rings doing things like playtesting and even proofreading. I even had the chance to playtest Thunder scape (the next big thing in my book), though I wasn’t able to give it the kind of time I wanted to.

            Outside of rpg’s I love sci fi and horror. My favorite shows being Stargate and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. I love the Star Wars movie, though I enjoy the OT more than I did the PT. The Clones Wars animated series though was awesome and I have high hopes for the upcoming series set after Ep. III. Oh and Bruce Campbell is one of the best actors ever … ever. Him and Samuel L. Jackson, for different reasons of course. 

            As one can guess from my avatar I love Batman. My favorites though are Nightwing and Batgirl. Barbara Gordon makes the best Batgirl ever. Ever. I’ve been trying to give Batwing a try but ever since they replaced David with Luke the stories have been a bit underwhelming. If you’re looking for a good example of an ethnic spin on an old favorite take a look at Watson and Holmes, a retelling of Sherlock Holmes in Harlem.  

            Other than that, I’m in school working on a Masters degree in Sociology. After I get my Masters I’ll move onto a Ph.D. and begin doing science. Mad social science!!!! No but really I hope to study geek culture, with a look towards minorities. In the mean time I enjoy playing the games and working behind the scenes when I can. I’d like to write at some point for an rpg. I’ve gotten the chance to write NPC’s for L5R and I hope to continue that, but would love to do more NPC work for other games in the future. And maybe a little bit of supplement writing for a game.

And that’s me in a nutshell. I have some others working with me on this project and I’ll let them introduce themselves when they are ready.

P.S. I also, from time to time, play Star Trek Online pretending that my Trill captain is only getting promotions due to a Star Fleet program of affirmative action. :)

The U.S.S. Solus C

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