Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Welcome to B.R.O.

Black Role-Players Organization

Welcome to the Black Role-Players Organization blog, also known as B.R.O.. What is this about? Well it's about raising awareness of minorities in gaming. Now I know the title says Black, but really I just liked the acronym B.R.O.. Really this is about minorities in gaming. Black, Hispanic, Asian, native american, it doesn't matter. You are welcome here.

Minorities is a growing part of the rpg community. And as a growing part of the audience we want to feel well represented in the gaming material. This includes having more NPC's that are of minority origin. More artistic work depicting minorities. Stories with in the medium that feature minorities and the minority perspective.

So I look forward to discussing the good, the bad, and as one of my favorite youtube channels say ... the nerdy ;) of rpgs. And it is my goal to give a voice to a growing segment of this wonderful hobby.

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